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After Being Saved



Topic 1_Assurance of Salvation

Topic 2_Clearance of the Past

Topic 3_Morning Revival

Topic 4_The Mingled Spirit

Topic 5_Calling upon the Name of the Lord

Topic 6_Being Filled with the Spirit

Topic 7_The Word of Life

Topic 8_Pray-reading God's Word

Topic 9_God's Economy

Topic 10_Consecration

Topic 11_The Body of Christ

Topic 12_The Meeting Life

Topic 13_The Ministry of the New Covenant

Topic 14_God Ordained Way

Topic 15_The Judicial Redemption

Topic 16_The Organic Salvation

Scripture verses and the footnotes quoted are from the Holy Bible Recovery Version, published by Living Stream Ministry. The outlines, footnotes, and references in the Recovery Version are by Witness Lee. Recovery Version is a registered trademark of Living Stream Ministry. All the outlines are based upon the written ministry of Witness Lee and Watchman Nee. Except where noted otherwise, all excerpts are taken from the writings of Witness Lee, and are published by Living Stream Ministry. All rights reserved. Portions in brackets [ ] have been supplied by the editors.

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